Typing Tutor - Text Drill 10 (The man had)


About Easy Typing Tutor Lesson - Text Drill 10 (The man had)

You're here to learn how to type Text Drill 10 (The man had) with an online typing tutor. Move the mouse cursor over on typing area box; you'll see the blinking cursor. Now you are ready to type.

This Typing Tutor is a lifetime ability that will serve you Text Drill 10 (The man had) is the perfect way to make your machine more effective-type without looking at the keyboard. This course, "Text Drill 10 (The man had)" will teach you the fundamentals of typing and typing exercise features that will in no time get you to type in with precision and speed.

Lesson Text Drill 10 (The man had) features various computer keyboard lessons that include:

  • • How to get on your keyboard from A to Z.
  • • How to use punctuation keys.
  • • How to type numbers on a numeric keypad.
  • • How to organize proper ergonomics to avoid exhaustion, aches, and pains, particularly carpal tunnel syndrome.

This "course Text Drill 10 (The man had)" is suitable for beginning typists; you will learn all the basics of typing and become the fastest typist in easy steps. Each lecture includes a workout, i.e., a laboratory, which immediately puts your newly learned skills into practical use. This course will take you through all three keyboard lines, numbers, and symbols, starting with the middle keyboard line.

Congratulations, if you're looking for Typing Skills on the right page, the goal is to teach you the easiest way without any tutorial involving software, games, or online typing. Practices are available inside the course, which means you won't have to go out of the practice course as they are included after each lecture.

What is Easy Touch Typing?

Touch typing is the ability to use muscle memory to locate keys easily, without using the sense of sight and with all the fingers available. It dramatically improves typing speed and eliminates mistakes. Touch typing makes you more successful and a skill worth learning. Most people still indulge in the bad habit of typing 'hunt-and-peck,' including those experienced professionals with years and decades of computer experience. Easy Typing Tutor is also easy to understand as touch typing takes dedicated practice to know it well.

How Does Easy Typing Tutor Work?

A range of features set it apart from most of the practice software typing out there. It employs statistics and smart algorithms to produce typing lessons that suit your skills automatically. Let's go into depth on this..

It doesn't force you to repeatedly replay the same characters; that's just sluggish, repetitive, and it makes minimal contribution to your learning. Words like 'asdfg ;lkjh...' are very awkward, hard to read, and even experienced typists will slow down noticeably.

The Typing Tutor website uses your native language's phonetic rules to produce random but understandable and pronounceable words. Those terms sound almost ordinary, and they sometimes really are. It is much easier to type sensible text than to repeat random letters, and it helps you recall regular key combinations. The most recent point is a significant one. For instance, following the 'Z' in English is nearly impossible for the letter 'W,' You will never type this combination in Typing Tutor. Alternatively, you'll be ordering more common words like "the," "that," "with," etc. And you'll soon learn to type the combo keys quickly.

The Typing Tutor Lesson Text Drill 10 (The man had) tests the keystrokes' patterns and collects detailed typing statistics. It tests your typing speed for each key, for example, and uses the data to produce random words highlighting the weakest key. The more trouble you have with a common key, the more it will be typed. It means, in the next lesson generated, the generating algorithm will put that letter into every word. After each completed task, your typing skills are re-evaluating, and the next experience will be adjusted accordingly.

Typing Test lesson Text Drill 10 (The man had) lets you insert as few keys as possible into the lesson, automatically adding more keys as you want to qualify at the current level. When you only begin learning, it generates lessons from a very small alphabet of the most frequent letters with words. Once the typing speed exceeds a certain threshold for each key in that alphabet, the algorithm adds to the alphabet the next most frequent letter. And so forth, to the following letters. You will first know the most commonly used letters, and then the less common ones.

Is It Really Effective?

The Typing Tutor supports learning fast typing in different layouts and languages. Typing Tutor is an excellent online typing software for both children and adults. Hopefully, it will inspire you to keep learning!

  • You will learn fast typing in an easy and fun way! No boring stuff!
  • Lifetime support
  • Saves you time (get your work done faster)
  • More attractive to employeers
  • Allows you to take on more tasks for clients
  • You will get to learn touch typing in the fastest time possible.
  • You will also learn some super useful keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity.
  • Methods that will finish your typing in far less time
  • What to ignore to dramatically increase typing speed (This is something that slows most people down.)
  • A plan that reduces typing work time
  • Simple way to practice that dramatically improves your speed
  • A practice time that boosts your progress
  • Easy way to know how to word it
  • Best way to practice and how long
  • The simple learning accelerator
  • Learn where fingers go without looking. Learn two at a time
  • Type numbers without looking
  • Best way to practice capital letters

Who this course is for?

  • All ages
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to type or needs a refresher on typing
  • Anyone who is wanting to improve how fast they can type
  • Anyone who types
  • People who type at work
  • For Authors, Writers, Students, Freelancers, Designer, Programme
  • Data entry operators
  • This course is for anyone who want to type fast
  • This course is for anyone who can use a computer
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 users
  • People that wish to be more productive & efficient
  • People that enter the same data/text over and over
  • People wanting to focus on work that matters, not the mundane
  • Data entry employees
  • People working in offices needing very specific text
  • Someone who needs refresher on typing


  • Students need a computer and keyboard
  • Get ready to improve your typing skills (starting from the basics and working our way to improving your typing speed)!
  • Willingness to learn and take action
  • Be able to read text
  • Have the motivation to improve typing
  • Microsoft Windows PC or laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Typing Tutor is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10?

The Typing Tutor has been tested and proved true for all Windows Operating System. This Typing Tutor works on any web browser; hence it works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Is the Typing Tutor compatible with my operating system?

The Typing Tutor is fully compatible with all Windows Operating systems including 95/98 / ME / NT4/2000 / XP/2003 / Vista/7/8/8.1

Is 64-bit operating system compatible with Typing Tutor?

Easy Typing Tutor supports both 32-bit and 64-bit PCs as this Typing Test application works on web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.

Which languages and keyboard layouts are supported?

At present, Typing Tutor is available in the English Language. The English version of Typing Tutor supports all standard keypads (such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK) used worldwide.

How long will I be practicing to start typing touch?

To master touch typing skills, you'll need 15-20 minutes of regular training that can uniformly spread for one month. When you regularly start practicing, you'll probably be learning touch typing for a few weeks.

Could the students learn typing independently?

Yes, The Typing Tutor Online is filled with tools to help students to learn type independently. The level is dependent on the previous one, with mastery tests monitoring the progress of each pupil. A primary emphasis is the students' numerous built-in encouragements to use the right fingers on the correct keys. We recommend that the teacher monitor each child carefully during the early part of the implementation to ensure they use the right fingers on the right keys.

Why is the importance of students using the right fingers on the right keys?

Students usually arriving at Typing Tutor Online have well developed but weak typing habits. Some, even before they can talk, would have started keyboarding on a tablet or iPad. Breaking these bad habits and replacing them with the right keyboard and finger stroke visual chart is a big challenge. We've engineered Typing Tournament to help promote this process, but the program can't make sure students are using the right keys with the right fingers. As students communicate with the keyboard and position the right fingers on the suitable resolutions, it is normal for a student's typing speed to decrease until they increase. Some students find this hard and will resort to their old poor typing patterns to type faster. This urge must be overcome in the early stages of their introduction to Typing Online if students learn to type correctly.

Could students access Online Typing Tournament from home?

Yes, students can use the Typing Tutor Online anywhere, from any internet-ready device.

Are there games to typing included?

Hey. Each Level includes three entertaining typing games. The games concentrate on the Level's message, text, and speed targets and help create pace and precision in a highly motivational sense.

Will students get off to a fast start?

The Level 1 entry level has no pretest and a very low-speed and uses just four keys. A low entry bar means that students can easily interact with Easy Typing Tutor Online and decrease the amount of supervision needed.

What is Words Per Minute (WPM)?

Words Per Minute (WPM) is the average keyboard speed measurement. A "name" for that formula is five characters. "Fred's pie" is considered to be two "names" as there are ten characters in total (spacebar and apostrophe each count as one character). WPM reflects the number of "words" a person types in five characters per minute.

Still have question?