Download Google Input tools

Google input tools are a tool where input typing language is English but output language can be your preferred language like Hindi, Marathi. This tool is best suited for them who want to type in English but wants written text in their preferred language.

Google input tools are usually used in computers or laptops. These tools provide you an easy interface so you don't need to learn some other input typing language skills (like any Lipi) to write in your preferred language.

For example, On your computer, if you want to write any text in Hindi then you need Kriti dev Hindi fonts and you have to learn Kriti dev fonts typing rules to write in Hindi. But don't worry, with google input tools, you don't need to learn Kriti dev or any language font, you can simply type in any language with the help of this tool.

After installing Google input tools, Only you need to select the language in which you want your text to be written then type, word, or sentence in English with the help of keyword. Now You will get output text on your notepad or any editor in your selected languages.

Google Input Tools

There is a different-different format of google input tools are available on the internet but all of them work only on online mode. If you are interested in google input tools online then you can go to official online google input tools.

There is also another method which is installing google input tools chrome extension. Both mentioned method needs always internet connection for typing. But there is one method where you can type in any language when you are not online.

For this, simply download the offline google input tools app for your windows. Here, for offline typing, you need to download separate google input tools for each language in which you wish to type.

Like if you want to type in Hindi then you need to download google input tools Hindi .exe file and like that, for Tamil, you need to download google input tools Tamil, for Marathi google input tools Marathi, for Malayalam google input tools Malayalam and, for Telugu google input tools Telugu, etc.

Why use Google Input Tools?

  • It is simple to use
  • You don't need to download any further language fonts.
  • You can use it offline and online.
  • Very Small size .exe file
  • Available for windows
  • Type the text in English font and get output text in your preferred language.
  • Available for every language
  • Official .exe file made by google.

How to use Google Input Tools online?

To use these tools online simply follow these steps:

  • step 1. Go to this website
  • step 2. Now you will language selection button at the text box.
  • step 3. Click on that language switching button.
  • step 4. Select your preferred language in which you want your text to written.
  • step 5. Now type with your keyboard, you will see your typed text in selected language text.

Google Input Online

How to use Google Input Tools in Google Chrome?

If you want to download or install google input tools extension then follow the below steps.

  • step 1. By clicking here, you will reach a chrome store.
  • step 2. Now click on Add to chrome.
  • step 3. Now right click on Google input tools and click on extension options.
  • step 4. Select your preferred languages.
  • step 5. So you are done, whenever you need to type in a different language then simply click on the extension icon and select language from there.

Google Input Offline

Google Input Tools Download Offline

If you want to download the offline version of Google input tools for windows then you can download from here just follow these simple steps. but here is one condition that you have to download separate Google input tools .exe file for every language you want. like for Hindi Google input tools Hindi .exe file, for Marathi google input tools Marathi and for Telugu download google input tools Telugu.

Google Input Tools Download

Google Input Tools Offline Installer is the most useful text management method for installing Google Input Tools. Google Input Tools is using either online or offline. For Google services, Chrome, Android devices, and Windows, Google Input Tools is available. Let's see in this article about Offline Installer Google Input Tools, Offline Installer Google Input Tools for Windows 7, Download Google Input Tools for PC. Full information on Google Input Tools Offline Installer, Google Input Tool Download, and Google Input Tools Offline Installer are available on this link.

How to install Google Input Tools for windows?

To download these tools for windows or windows 10 follow these steps. you don't need any google input tools offline installer to install this .exe file.

  • step 1. First, download the .exe file from the above-given links.
  • step 2. now double-tap on the downloaded file and install it on your windows system.
  • step 3. If it did not work then restart your system and install it again.

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