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About Us

About Easy Typing Tutor

Easy Typing Tutor emerged from the frustration of being unable to find a free online typing test containing all the features required for any typing task. The goal is that Easy Typing Tutor fulfils all three of these requirements to the highest possible degree. Additional features and extras will continue to be added soon, so be sure to check back frequently!

If you would like to add a certain feature, or if you have a question or problem with something, please feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy using this tool for typing!

Let Easy Typing Tutor make you
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Let our Touch Typing Tutorials teach you to touch type with accuracy, speed and professional confidence. Master the keyboard and become a typing success!

Why Practice with Easy Typing Tutor?

Learn to type

Learn to type

Learn how to type with our online typing tool that guides your through learning how to type with ten fingers. With our custom-made exercises, you will be able to learn how to type properly and correctly with all your ten fingers.

Typing Test

Typing Test

Test your typing skills and see them improve over time. Register and get some statistics on your speed (WPM), accuracy (errors) and your own problematic keys.

Typing contests

Typing Contests

Everyday, a new typing contest in your language. Register and participate now, and test how is your typing score compared to others. Online gambling real money and online slots.